Fruit Ninja: Have some fun with fruits

Fruit Ninja is a refreshing and quite interesting game, fit for all ages and all devices. Developed by Halfbrick in Brisbane, Australia the game was first released in 2010 for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Now you can play it on a wide range of devices, gaming consoles, and even on Facebook which is quite cool. Even more, there are other versions of the same game developed for specific devices like:

  • Fruit Ninja HD for iPad
  • Fruit Ninja THD for NVidia Tegra 2
  • Fruit Ninja VR for HTC Vive
  • Fruit Ninja FX for arcade games.

Upon release, the game became so popular that people even tried to imitate the behavior in real life. The amazing part is that the game is still quite popular so many years after the release date. This shows that Fruit Ninja has potential and it won’t bore you death in the first 5 minutes.

fruit ninja

The gameplay

First, you should know that the game is free to download so anyone can enjoy it. Also, the gameplay is a bit addictive so you may want to watch young children around such apps. And now, let’s see what you actually have to do play: the main purpose of the game is to slice as many fruits as possible when they are thrown in the air. Simple right? Well, not so much! Among fruits there are bombs that will kill you if you slice them so you have to keep your focus at all times. Also, the game difficulty increases with each level and this means more fruits to slice in a shorter time.

The game is interesting because it offers various modes like classic, arcade, or Zen (for practice without bombs). Also, there are different blades and dojos to choose from while slicing your way through a sea of fruits. Even more, there are minigames where you learn new ways to slice the fruits and challenge events where you can win prizes as a master of the game. Fruit Ninja can even be played with friends and so you can prove your skills in front of your loved ones.

To make things more interesting, you get extra points when you manage to slice multiple fruits in one swipe and the game supports more than one finger on the screen. This means you can use more fingers to make sure you don’t miss a single fruit.

The final impression

We actually enjoyed playing Fruit Ninja and the fact that you are continuously surprised with special elements or challenges keeps the game fresh. Even more, the developers are more than supportive with constant updates and interesting videos to keep you interested and active. With such great gameplay and team of developers, it’s no wonder the Fruit Ninja is one of the most downloaded games ever!

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