Geometry Dash World Hack for iOS & Android

Geometry Dash World Hack is a reenactment of the already popular Geometry Dash, with new levels and challenges. Just like the first version of Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash World was developed by RobTop Games and supports the same idea of a rhythm-based running game.

Geometry Dash World Hack is designed for mobile platforms like iOS and Android and it doesn’t come with in-app purchases (quite rare these days). Still, the game is supported with ads so you might see a few while playing.

The game is already extremely popular on Android with over 10 million downloads and a general score of 4.6. Even more, users find it fun and quite addictive.

geometry dash world hack ios android

The Gameplay

In its basic construction, the game is quite simple as the main action is controlling a geometric figurine as the scene unfolds from left to right. The game implements the same idea as Floppy Bird or Mario and the user must take the main character through various obstacles without getting killed.

To move the icon, which is actually the main character, the user simply has to tap the anywhere on the screen. With each tap, the icon moves up with a jump. This is the only interaction you’ll have with the game as you can’t control the speed of the icon or the type of obstacles it meets. The only way you can have an effect on speed is to find and go through a speed-changing portal.

One feature that makes Geometry Dash World Hack (and other versions in the series) unique is the music. Developers chose a new rhythm for every level and you will have to match the icon’s moves and timing with the beat.

Another feature that can be considered challenging is the fact that, to finish a level, you have to get to the end without dying. If you die on the way or a monster gets you, you will have to start over. There’s no save in the middle. This can also be quite annoying, but it will definitely keep you on your toes. You can also play the level you want – you don’t have to go through them in a certain order.

Features we love

Well, besides the fact that the icon can change in 6 different geometric forms, the game comes with amazing beats. You don’t have to be into music to like the game as, just like Gloria Estefan said – Rhythm is Gonna Get You.

Besides the cool graphics and music, the Geometry Dash World Hack also features a series of portals that can help you alter the behavior of your icon. For instance, there are portals that change the shape of your icon, the size, and the speed. Of course there are more and far more interesting portals, but we’re letting you discover them.

Another thing we loved about Geometry Dash World Hack is the community. Starting with the first version, people all over the world got quite passionate about this game. So, with this version, you can actually play levels that were created by people in the community – pretty cool right?

In the end, we can say with absolute certainty that this game is interesting, challenging, and implements a certain level of diversity rarely found in online games. Everything changes from one level to another and you can even encounter changes from one portal to another.

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